1031. Which of the following is responsible for the red colour of blood?

A. Hemocyanin
B. Myoglobin
C. Haemoglobin *

1032. What should be the blood pressure of a healthy human being?

A. 120/80 *
B. 120/100
C. 110/90

1033.Which is a skull bone?

A. Arytenoid
B. Cricoid
C. Pterygoid *

1034. Which body muscle can resist fatigue?

A. Voluntary
B. Striped
C. Cardiac *

1035. In which area does the comprehension of spoken and written words take place?

A. Broca’s area
B. Wernicke’s area *
C. Association area

1036.Which of the following controls skeletal muscles?

A. Autonomic nerves
B. Somatic nerves *
C. Sympathetic nerves

1037. When Sympathetic Nerves get activated, it releases?

A. Adrenaline, which stimulates the organ *
B. Adrenaline, which inhibits the organ
C. Acetylcholine, which stimulates the organ

1038.Which of the following is not a neurotransmitter?

A. Glutamic Acid
B. Acetylcholine
C. Tyrosine *

1039. Which of the following is the largest cranial nerve?

A. Oculomotor nerve
B. Olfactory nerve
C. Trigeminal nerve *