981. Regarding control of ventilation:
A. The inspiratory area is in the lower pons
B. Normal respiration will not occur without the pneumotaxic center
C. Central chemoreceptors respond less rapidly to changes in plasma pC02 than the peripheral chemoreceptors
D. Peripheral chemoreceptors respond to P02 & PC02 changes only.
E. Changes in discharge rates from peripheral chemreceptors in response to P02 are usually relatively slow & occur over several breaths.

982. At the summit of Mt. Everest (altitude 29028 ft), the baromatric pressure is – 250 mmHg. What would be the approximate alveolar P02 if a climber hyperventilates to PaC02 10mmHg?
A. 8
B. 18
C. 28
D. 38
E. 48

983. With regard to lung structure & function:
A. Blood gas barrier is thin & has an area 500-1000m2.
B. There are approximately 3 million alveoli in the human lung.
C. Mean pulmonary arterial pressure is – 50 cm H20.
D. Each red cell takes 2 seconds to traverse capillary network.
E. The conducting airway makes up the anatomical dead space.

984. Regarding compliance:
A. compliance is proportional to TIR
B. compliance s proportional to PVIRT
C. compliance is equal to “”VIM’.
D. compliance is proportional to PV/””T
E. compliance is proportional to PIT

985. Pulmonary vascular resistance:
A. Decrease with increased lung volume
B. Increase with increased lung volume
C. is highest at low lung volume
D. is lowest at high lung volume
E. is lowest at mid range lung volume

986. With regard to control of ventilation:
A. Impulse from pneumotaxic center may reduce inspiratory phase
B. Apneustic center is in the medulla
C. The pontine respiratory center is responsible for intrinsic respiratory rhythm
D. The expiratory area is active during normal breathing
E. Firing of the carotid body chemoreceptor respond most to changes in pC02.

987. With regard to pulmonary function:
A. Restrictive lung disease: FEVI less than FVC
B. Obstructive lung disease: FEVI less than FVC
C. In normal lung, FEVlI FVC – 70%
D. Obstructive lung disease: FEVlI FVC – SO-90%
E. Fowler’s method is used to measure lung volume by Helium dilution.

988. Diabetes insipidus is due to insufficient release of _________
A. Insulin
C. Thyroxine
D. Glucagon

989. Which of the following gastrointestinal hormone stimulates insulin secretion?
C. Gastrin
D. Secretin

990. Which of the following element is needed for insulin to exert its maximal effect in glucose uptake?
A. Vanadium
B. Molybdenum
C. Selenium
D. Chromium