1121. Vaso constrictor is _________________

A. PG1
C. TXA2 *

1122. Which fiber type has slowest conduction___________.

A. Aa
B. B
C. C *
D. Ay

1123. Maximum PH is of _____________________.

A. Gastric acid
B. Bile
C. Pancreatic Juice *
D. Saliva

1124. Sense organ of stretch reflex is ____________________

A. Golgi apparatus
B. Muscle spindle *
C. Sarcomere
D. Merkel Disc

1125. Renin secretion depends upon all except_________________.

A. Hypotension
B. Renal Prostaglandins
C. Sympathetic activity
D. Hyperkalemia *

1126. Site of lesion in hemi ballismus is_____________________.

A. Red Nucleus
B. Subthalamic nucleus of Luis *
C. Substantia nigra
D. Caudate nucleus.

1127. All are features of conn’s syndrome except________________.

A. Hyperaldosteronism
B. Edema *
C. Hypertension
D. Hyperkalemia

1128. 24 Hours bile secretion is __________

A. 200 ML
B. 400 ML *
C. 800 ML
D. 1600 ML

1129. Gastrin recretion is inhibited by all except_______________.

A. Secretion
B. Glucagon
C. Calcitonin
D. Calcium *

1130. In Caisson’s disease gas liberated from blood into brain is ____________.

B. CO2
C. N2 *
D. NH3

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