1241. Locus venules and non epinephrine system is located at junction between pons and:


A. Medulla
B. Mesencephalon *
C. Diencephalon
D. cerebellum

1242. REM sleep occupies :


A. 25 % of sleep
B. 20 % of sleep
C. 30 % of sleep
D. 50 % of sleep *

1243. The pain produced by ischemia is poorly localized and throbbing while pain from a needle stick is well localized and sharp. Which of the following comparison of ischemic and needle stick pain is correct ?

A. Ischemic pain is produced by over stimulating somatic touch receptors
B. Ischemic pain is transmitted to the brain through the neospinothalamic tract *
C. ischemic pain receptors quickly adopt to a painful stimulus
D. Ischemic pain sensory fibers are classified as A Delta sensory fibers
E. Ischemic pain sensory fibers terminate within the substantia gelatinosa of the spinal cord

1244. The action potential recorded at the soma of a spinal motor neuron after stimulation of a ventral root is :

A. Evoked only after multiple stimuli
B. Graded in amplitude
C. Preceded by an excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP)
D. Preceded by an inhibitory postsynaptic potential (IPSP)
E. Unaffected by blockage of synaptic transmission *

1245. During trauma to the spinal cord, a person developed spinal shock . Which of the problem he may be having neurologically ?

A. All his motor reflexes will disappear
B. All motor and autonomic nervous system will disappear
C. All the reflexes will be preserved only the blood pressure will fall *
D. Motor reflexes are enhanced only in flexor muscles
E. Only the extensor reflexes will be lost

1246. Which of the following is true with respect to the corticospinal pathway ?

A. If it is severed at the level of the cerebral peduncles, primarily extrapyramidal effects will appear
B. It facilitates flexor motor neurons *
C. It is ipsilateral path at the level of the lower pons
D. It is only a contralateral pathway
E. It must be intact for a positive babinski reflex

1247. An aged violin player can get a correct pitch only by touching his teeth to the vibrating instrument, he most likely to have damaged :

A. Auditory cortex
B. External ear
C. Inner ear
D. Medial geniculate body
E. Middle ear *

1248. Taste buds are :

A. Chemoreceptors
B. Free nerve endings
C. Modified epithelial cells *
D. Specialized nerve endings
E. Surface epithelial cells

1249. Impedance matching between the sound waves in air and the sound vibrations in the fluid of the cochlea is function of :

A. Auditory tube
B. Basilar membrane
C. Ear pinna
D. Eustachian tube
E. Ossicles *

1250. Presbyopia occurs due to :

A. Corneal aberration
B. Blockade of can of schlemm
C. Decrease in lens elasticity *
D. Increase in intraocular pressure
E. Loss of ciliary muscles