381. The hemoglobin % of a normal newborn is______________?

A. 8
B. 12
C. 10
D. 30

382. Normal prothrombin time is____________?

A. 5-7 sec
B. 10-20 sec
C. 30 sec
D. 1 min

383. Which of the following cell type is not a precursor of erythrocyte____________?

A. PR erythroblast
B. Norm oblast
C. Reticulocyte
D. Myeloblast

384. Major basic protein is an important constituent of which leucocyte_____________?

A. Neutrophil
B. Eosinophil
C. Basophil
D. Lymphocyte

385. Universal blood donor ill be a blood group of_______________?

A. Positive
B. Negative
C. AB positive
D. AB negative

386. Normal adult person’s blood contains_____________?

A. 40% neutrophils
B. 30% lymphocytes
C. 20% eosinophils
D. 10% basophils

387. The eosinophil count in the peripheral blood smear is increased in________________?

A. Allergic conditions
B. Anemia
C. Polycythemia
D. Typhoid fever

388. Intracellular and interstitial body fluids have similar______________?

A. Total osmotic pressure
B. Colloid osmotic pressure
C. Chloride ion concentrations
D. Potassium ion concentrations

389. Which of the following is not a vitamin K dependent procoagulant ?

A. Factor II
B. Factor VII
C. Factor IX
D. Factor XI

390. A patient with A – ve blood group can receive blood from_______________?

A. Positive donor
B. B negative donor
C. AB positive donor
D. A negative donor


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