1131. Not a primary colour is _________

A. Red
B. Blue
C. Yellow *
D. Green

1132. Most important buffer in blood is ____________.

A. Albumin *
B. Phosphate
C. Bicarbonate

1133. First event in high altitude acclimatisation is ___________.

A. Increased rate and depth of respiration *
B. Raised RBC Count
C. Increased Urinary PH
D. Raised Platelet

1134. In anomic aphasia,lesion is at ___________-.

A. Angular Gyrus *
B. Broca’s area
C. Wernicke’s area
D. Arcuate fasciculus

1135. Life span of platelet is______.

A. 3-4 days
B. 5-7 days
C. 9-11 days *
D. 14-17 days

1136. Reversible hypoxic injury occurs at___________.

B. Lysosome
C. Mitochondria *
D. Golgi Complex

1137. All of the following tend to increase with old age except_____________.

B. Systolic BP
C. VC *
D. Pulse Pressure

1138. P wave in ECG represents depolarization of ____________.

A. SA Node
B. Atria *
C. AV Node
D. His Bundle

1139. PCO2 affects respiration primarily by stimulation______________.

A. Baro reception
B. J-receptor
C. Carotid aortic bodies
D. Medullary chemoreceptors. *

1140. EEG rhythm having lowest frequency is _________________.

A. Alpha
B. Beta
C. Theta
D. Delta *

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