361. Bacteria are most commonly ENGULFED by _________________?

A. Neutrophilic leukocytes
B. Large granular lymphocytes
C. Small lymphocytes
D. Killer cells

362. Prothrombin time is useful for_______________?

A. Detection of clot retraction
B. Platelet count
C. In hemophilia
D. For evaluation in a patient taking anticoagulant drugs

363. The conversion of prothrombin to thrombin, the factor participate along with calcium is______________?

A. Labile factor
B. Stable factor
C. Fibrin
D. Thromboplastin

364. What is the normal PH of human blood_____________?

A. 7.0
B. 7.2
C. 7.35 to 7.4
D. 7.6

365. Which of the following is not useful for coagulation______________?

A. Plasmin
B. Thrombin
C. Calcium
D. Fibrin

366. Embryonic hemoglobin is composed of________________?

A. Gamma and beta
B. Epsilon and gamma
C. Alpha and beta
D. Gamma and alpha

367. Lymphocytes are located in each of the following tissues or organs EXCEPT one. The one exception is______________?

A. Brain
B. Spleen
C. Lymph nodes
D. Thymus gland

368. Which of the following causes lysis of clot______________?

A. Fibrin
B. Plasmin
C. Hyaluronidase
D. Coagulase

369.Plasma ceruloplasmin alpha 2 globulins is a______________?

A. alpha 1 globulin
B. alpha 2 globulin
C. beta 1 globulin
D. beta 2 globulin

370. Thrombopoietin is produced by_________________?

A. Monocytes
B. Liver
C. Megakaryocyte
D. Megakaryoblast


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