1101. Difference between fetal and adult RBC are all except_________________.

A. Foetal RBC bigger
B. Foetal RBC has more 2-3 DPG *
C. Foetal RBC has low carbonic anhydrase
D. Foetal RBC has shorter life span.

1102. All the following are absorbed in DCT except_____________.

A. NA+
B. H2O
D. K+ *

1103. Gastro esophageal reflux is prevented by all except_____________.

A. Gastric mucosal fold
B. Loop fibre of crus of diaphragm
C. Acute gastro esophageal angle
D. Circular muscle fiber of esophagus. *

1104. True of fetal haemoglobin_________.

A. More Iron Content
B. Resistant to alkali denaturation *
C. Predominant in late infancy
D. All are True

1105. Bilateral absence of palmomental reflex indicates lesion in ____________.

A. Frontal lobe *
B. Parietal lobe
C. Occipital lobe
D. Temporal lobe

1106. Time Interval between application of stimulus and the response is called ___________.

A. Synaptic delay
B. Reflex time
C. Reaction time *
D. Centeral delay

1107. Asteriognosis results when the lesion is in which tract__________.

A. Lateral spinothalamic
B. Anterior spinothalamic
C. Corticospinal
D. Posterior column *

1108. Pneumotaxic center is present in __________.

A. Medullah
B. Pon *
C. Mid Brain
D. Cerebellum

1109. Pork insulin differs from human insulin by how many amino acids_____________.

A. One *
B. Two
C. Four
D. Eight

1110. Oxygen dissociation curve of myoglobin is ________________.

A. Sigmoid
B. Parabolic
C. Eliptical
D. Hyperbolic *