901. Chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the basal ganglia is:
A. Glutamate
C. Dopamine
D. Acetylcholine
E. Noradrenaline

902. Which of the following pairing of parts of cerebellum & its function is CORRECT?
A. Spinocerebellum – motor execution
B. Vestibulocerebellum – balance & eye movement
C. Cerebrocerebellum – motor planning
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

903. Cerebellum receives input from the following sites EXCEPT:
A. Labyrinth & vestibular nuclei
B. Somatosensory pathways
C. Visual impulses from tectum
D. Motor cortex
E. All of the above

904. Destruction of cerebellum leads to the following EXCEPT:
A. Ataxia
B. Hypertonia
C. Dysmetria
D. Dysdiadochokinesia
E. Impaired learning of coordination of repetitive tasks

905. Which of the following regarding hair cells is FALSE?
A. More than 90% of afferent neuron of CNS innervates the inner hair cells.
B. Most of the efferent neuron of CNS innervates the outer hair cells.
C. Cochlear nerve connects the hair cells to the dorsal & ventral cochlear nuclei in the medulla.
D. Hair cell processes are bathed in perilymph.
E. All of the above

906. Cochlear nuclei projects to the following location EXCEPT:
A. Inferior Colliculi
B. Reticular formation
C. Vestibulocerebellum
D. Superior olives
E. None of the above

907. Which of the following statements regarding semicircular canals is FALSE?
A. Basal end of the semicircular canal is in contact with the afferent neurons
B. Resting membrane potential is about -60m V
C. Hyperpolarization occur if the cilia is pushed in 1 direction & depolarization occurs if it is pushed in the opposite direction
D. Perilymph has high potassium composition
E. All of the above

908. Normal human’s threshold pressure for sound amplitude is:
A. 0-140 dB
B. 40-1S0 dB
C. 80-220 dB
D. 120-240 dB
E. 160-280 dB

909. Which of the following regarding hearing is TRUE?
A. Ossiclesystem serves to magnify the sound pressure arriving at the oval window.
B. Tympanic reflex is adequate to protect an individual from excess stimulation caused by strong sound waves
C. In a normal subject, bone conduction is faster than air conduction
D. Amplitudes of waves set up in the perilymph in scala vestibule are constant.
E. Inner hair cells act to improve hearing by influencing vibration patterns of the basilar membrane. 

910. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
A. Pitch of tone cannot be perceived unless it lasts for> 0.01 seconds.
B. Each axon in the cochlear nerve discharges to sound of I frequency only.
C. Frequency of sound is encoded in the auditory cortex
D. Auditory cortex respond to onset, duration, direction & repetition rate of auditory stimulus
E. Interpretation of sound signals occurs in auditory association cortex & L Broca’s area.

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