1111. Cynosis does not occur in ______________________.

A. Anaemic hypoxia *
B. Hypoxic Hypoxia
C. Stagnant hypoxia
D. Histotoxic hypoxia

1112. Principal source of energy for heart in healthy individuals is _______

A. Fatty acid *
B. Glucose
C. Ketone bodies
D. Amino acids

1113. Principal constituent of pulmonary surfactant is ____________

A. Phosphatidyl glycine
B. DBC *
D. Neutral lipid

1114. Cyanosis is not corrected by 100% oxygen in________________.

A. TOF *
C. Interstital lung disease
D. Hypersensitive penumonitis.

1115. In dissociated sensory loss, there is loss of __________.

A. Pain and temp *
B. Pain and touch
C. Touch and Temp
D. Pain and pressure

1116.VQ is maximum at ___________________.

A. Apex *
B. Base
C. Hilum
D. Equal

1117. Strongest stimulant for HCI secretion is ______________.

A. Secretion
B. Histamine
C. Calcium
D. Gastrin *

1118. Vitamin Most sensitive to heat is _____________.

A. Biotin
B. B12
C. Vitamin C *
D. Vitamin D

1119. Neuro transmitter is niagrostriatal System is _______

A. Histamine
B. Gaba
C. Dopamine *
D. Serotonin

1120. Myelin in CNS Is synthesized by____________

A. Astrocyte
B. Oligodendrocyte *
C. Schwann cell
D. Microglia

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