451. Intensity of sound is measured in________________?

A. Diopters
B. Daltons
C. Decibels
D. Pounds

452. Pacinian corpuscles are major receptor for______________?

A. Pressure
B. Pain
C. Touch
D. Temperature

453. Resting membrane potential of nerve fiber is_______________?

A. -70 mv
B. -90 mv
C. -55 mv
D. + 35 mv

454. Sympathetic stimulation causes ______________?

A. Arteriolar constriction
B. Ciliary muscle contraction
C. Sweat secretion
D. All of the above

455. Gag reflex is mediated by _______ cranial nerve ?

C. X

456. Delta waves of Electroencephalogram have frequency of ______________?

A. More than 14 cycles per second
B. Between 8 and 13 cycles per second
C. Less than 3.5 cycles per second
D. Between 4 and 7 cycles per second

457. Sensory receptors for pain are_______________?

A. Pacinian corpuscles
B. End organs of Ruffini
C. End bulbs of Krause
D. Free nerve endings

458. The first physiological response to high environmental temperature is_______________?

A. Sweating
B. Vasodilatation
C. Decrease heat production
D. Non- shivering thermogenesis

459. function of Merkel’s cells is_______________?

A. Tactile sensation
B. Melanophage
C. Chemoreceptor
D. Proprioception

460. Copious flow of watery saliva is secreted in response to _____________?

A. Parasympathetic stimulation
B. Sympathetic stimulation
C. CNS stimulation
D. sensory stimulation