1061. Motility of sperm starts in _______.

A. Epididymis *
B. Vastdeferens
C. Seminal Vesicle
D. Urethra

1062. Most diffusible ion in excitable tissue is____________

A. NA+
B. K+
C. PO4
D. CI *

1063. Alpha wave in EEG is seen in_______.

A. Awake state *
B. REM Sleep
C. NREM Sleep
D. Mental Work

1064. All are seen in spinal reflex except ______________.

A. Summatiion
B. Fatigue
C. Memory
D. Adaption *

1065. Ejection fraction of ventricle refers to ration of _________________.

A. End Systolic to end diastolic volume
B. Stroke volume to end diastolic volume *
C. Stroke volume to end systolic volume
D. Venous inflows to arterial out flow.

1066. Macuula densa in kidney is located in relation to _________________.

B. DCT *
C. Afferent arteriole
D. Efferent arteriole

1067. Life span of neonatal RBC is_________________.

A. 120 Days
B. 100 Days *
C. 60 Days
D. 30 Days

1068. Maximum resistance of airway is due to ______________.

A. Large Bronchi
B. Medium sized Bronchi
C. Terminal Bronchiole *
D. Respiratory Bronchiole

1069. Best Method to increase muscle strenght is _____________.

A. Isometric Exercise.
B. Isotonic Exercise *
C. Electrical Stimulation

1070. Most Important Intracellular union is ______.

B. PO4
C. Protein *