411. Broca’s area is concerned with______________?

A. Word formation
B. Comprehends language not speaking
C. Present in posterior part of temporal lobe
D. Is the confluence of somatic , auditory and visceral areas

412. DOPA and 5 – Hydroxytryptophan are clinically important because______________?

A. They cross Blood Brain Barriers
B. They are acidic precursors of Brain amines
C. They act as neuromodulators
D. They are metabolites of various neurogentic amines .

413. The pathway of pain from teeth and temperature is carried by ______________?

A. Corticospinal tract
B. Corticocerebral tract
C. Lateral spinothalamic tract
D. Ventral spinothalamic tract

414. Which of the following acts as a neurotransmitter inhibitor _______________?

A. Glutamate
C. Aspartic acid
D. Lysin

415. Blood supply to the brain during moderate exercise________________?

A. decreases
B. Remains constant
C. Increases
D. Increases then decreases

416. Afferent component of corneal reflex is mediated by ________________?

A. Vagus nerve
B. Facial nerve
C. Trigeminal nerve
D. Glossopharyngeal nerve

417. Following are extrapyramidal tracts except______________?

A. Reticulospinal
B. Corticospinal
C. Rubrospinal
D. Vestibulospinal

418. The cell junctions allowing exchange of cytoplasmic molecules between two cells are called________________?

A. Gap junctions
B. Tight junctions
C. Anchoring junctions
D. Focal junctions

419. Sweat glands are supplied by only_______________?

A. Parasympathetic nerves
B. Sympathetic nerves
C. Sensory nerves
D. Motor nerves

420. Tissues with least regenerative potential is________________?

A. Nerve
B. Skin
C. Cardiac muscle
D. None of the above


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