991. What do endocrine cells of the pancreas secrete?
A. Omega growth hormone
B. Beta somatostatin
C. Delta insulin
D. Alpha glucagon

992. Where does synthesis of insulin begin?
C. Nucleolus
D. Mitochondria

993. How many intermolecular and interamolecular disulfide bond is present in insulin?
A. 1 Intermolecular, 2 intramolecular
B. 2 Intermolecular, 2 intramolecular
C. 2 Intermolecular, 1 intramolecular
D. 1 Intermolecular, 3 intramolecular 

994. Which of the following order is correct?
A. Insulin > Proinsulin > Preproinsulin
B. Preproinsulin > Insulin > Proinsulin
C. Proinsulin > Preproinsulin > Insulin
D. Preproinsulin > Proinsulin > Insulin

995. What is the beta subunit of the insulin receptor?
A. Protein kinase
B. Tyrosine kinase
C. Tryptophan kinase
D. Taurine kinase

996. What do delta cells secrete?
A. Cortisol
B. Glucose
C. Pancreatic enzyme
D. Somatostatin

997. What is the function of GLUT 4?
A. Glucose transport
B. Glycogen transport
C. Insulin transport
D. Glucagon transport

998. Hyperglycemia is a condition of high blood glucose.
A. True
B. False

999. Among the following stem cells which are found in the umbilical cord?
A. Embryonic stem cells
B. Adult stem cells
C. Cord blood stem cells
D. Blood stem cells

1000. Which of the following groups includes all STD?
A. Hepatitis-B, Hemophilia, AIDS
B. AIDS, Syphilis, Cholera
C. Gonorrhea, Hepatitis-B, Chlamydiasis
D. HIV, Malaria, Trichomoniasis

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