1011. Which of the following anatomical regions of abdomen lies just distal to the sternum?
A. Epigastric
B. Hypochondriac
C. Hypogastric
D. Lumbar
E. Umbilical

1012. Which of the following cavities are separated by the diaphragm?
A. Abdominal and pelvic
B. Cranial and spinal
C. Dorsal and ventral
D. Pericardial and pleural
E. Thoracic and abdominal

1013. The hormone is secreted by which of the following organ?

A. Pancreas *
B. Liver
C. Duodenum

1014. If the stool of a person is whitish-grey, which organ is responsible for it?

A. Kidney
B. Liver *
C. Spleen

1015. A type of proteolytic enzyme is found in infants’ gastric juices which helps in the digestion of milk proteins. The name of the enzyme is?

A. Peptide
B. Rennin *
C. Amylases

1016. Fat digestion occurs in?

A. Small intestine *
B. Stomach
C. Duodenum

1017. Protein digestion occurs in?

A. Rectum
B. Small intestine
C. Ileum *

1018. Which one of the following can be found in pancreatic juice?

A. Trypsinogen *
B. Proenzyme pepsinogen
C. Lysozyme

1019. Respiratory centre is located in?

A. Cerebellum
B. Medulla oblongata *
C. Cerebrum

1020. Carbon Monoxide poisoning happens due to?

A. Carbonic acid
B. Carboxy haemoglobin *
C. Methane


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