501. The function of Carotid body is_______________?

A. Measures the change in Po2 in arterial blood
B. Measures Po2 in venous blood
C. Measures the changed in CO2 in arterial blood
D. Measures the change in CO2 in venous blood

502. What is common between systemic and pulmonary circulation is_____________?

A. Volume of the circulation per minute
B. Peripheral vascular resistance
C. Pulse Pressure
D. Total Capacity

503. The velocity of conduction in the Purkinjie fibers of the heart is__________________?

A. 1 to 4 m/sec
B. 5 to 8 m/sec
C. 9 to 12 m/sec
D. More than 12 m/sec

504. Which of the following increases turbulence in blood flow ?

A. Reynolds number < 2000
B. Decrease in velocity of blood
C. Decrease in density of blood
D. Increase in diameter of blood vessel

505. Glomerular capillary pressure differ from other capillaries of body in______________?

A. Higher filtration pressure
B. Lower filtration pressure
C. Both of the above
D. None

506. In determining blood pressure by auscultatory method_____________?

A. The loudest sound is the diastolic pressure
B. Systolic pressure estimation tends to be lower than those make by palpatory method
C. The first sound heard is the systolic pressure
D. The sounds that are heard are generated in heart

507. The following factors increase the cardiac output except______________?

A. Preload
B. After load
C. Heart rate
D. Myocardial contractility

508. SA node acts as a pacemaker of the heart because of the fact that it_________________?

A. is capable of generating impulses
B. Has rich sympathetic innervation
C. Has poor cholinergic innervation
D. Generates impulses at the highest rate

509. Increase in carotid sinus pressure produces__________________?

A. Reflex hyperpnea
B. Reflex Hypercapnia
C. Reflex tachycardia
D. Reflex Hypercapnia

510. The effects of Adrenaline on heart are all except__________________?

A. Increases heart rate
B. Decreases myocardial irritability
C. Increases force of contraction
D. Increases oxygen uptake by heart


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