1201. The most rapidly adapting receptor in our body is :

A. Free nerve ending
B. Meissner’s corpuscle
C. Muscle spindle
D. Golgi Tendon organ
E. Pacinian corpuscle *

1202. The neurotransmitter released b substantia nigra is called :

A. Acetylcholine
B. Seortonin
C. Dopamine
E. Nitric oxide

1203. The absorption of light energy directly causes which of the following reactions in the retinal rods:

A. Dissociation of scoptospsin and metarhodopsin
B. Decomposition of scotopsin
C. The switch from 11-cis to all-trans retinal *
D. Transformation of metarhodopsin to lumia rhodopsin
E. Transformation of Vitamin A to retinene

1204. Increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system causes :

A. Penile erection
B. Pupillary constriction
C. Accomodation of near vision
D. Bronchiolar dilation
E. Gallbladder emptying

1205. Which one of the following is the characteristic of REM sleep ?

A. Muscle tone is increased
B. Delta wave occurs in REM sleep
C. Decrease in blood pressure and basal metabolic rate
D. Brain waves are very strong and very low frequency
E. More difficult to arouse by sensory stimuli than during deep slow-wave sleep *

1206. Which one of the following hypothalamic nuclei is responsible for the detection of the core body temperature ?

A. The lateral hypothalamus
B. The arcuate nucleus
C. The posterior nucleus
D. The paraventricular nucleus
E. The anterior hypothalamus *

1207. Encapsulated receptors include all of the following except :

A. Meissner’s corpuscle
B. Pacinian corpuscle
C. Merkle’s Disc *
D. Ruffini’s corpuscle

1208. Stretch reflex is :

A. Initiated by contraction of the muscle
B. Polysynaptic reflex
C. Maintained by alpha motor neurons
D. Monosynaptic reflex *

1209. Which of the following cells in the cerebellar cortex is excitatory ?

A. Purkinjean cells
B. Basket cells
C. Stellate cells
D. Granule cells *

1210. Outgoing information from vermis of the cerebellum passes through :

A. Fastigial nucleus
B. Dentate nucleus
C. Globose nucleus
D. Emboliform nucleus *