1191. One of the following is high in endolymph :

A. Sodium
B. Calcium
C. Chloride
D. Magnesium
E. Potassium *

1192. A monochromatic light with wavelenght of 580nm stimulates the red : green : blue cones to a ratio pi: 42:0 :

A. Red
B. Orange *
C. Blue
D. Green
E. Yellow

1193. Endolymph is produced by :

A. Outer hair cells
B. Inner hair cells
C. Sustentacular cells
D. Stria vascularis *
E. Spiral limbus

1194. Ablation of subset of inputs into which of the following brain structures accomplishes The belief of symptoms of parkinson’s disease :

A. Sub thalamic nucleus
B. Globus pallidus externa *
C. Globus pallidus interna
D. Caudate nucleus
E. Substantia nigra pars compacta

1195. When an adequate stimulus is applied to a receptor It will lead to :

A. Temporal summation only
B. Spatial summation only
C. Initiation of an action potential *
D. Tetanic state
E. Reverberation

1196. Excitatory neurotransmission in the brain is mostly mediated by :

A. Glycine
B. Gamma amino butyric acid (GABA)
C. Glutamate *
D. Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GN RH)
E. Bombesin

1197. Which of the following structures in the vestibular apparatus is responsible for the detection of linear vision :

A. Anterior semicircular canal
B. Posterior semicircular canal
C. Ampullae
D. Crista amullaris
E. Saccule *

1198. WWhich one of the following is a rapid acting neurotransmitter ?

A. Bradykinin
B. Brain dervied neurotropic factor
C. Histamine *
D. Somatostatin
E. Substance P

1199. Dorsal column-medial lemniscal system carries which of the following sensations :

A. Pain
B. Position -sensations from the joints *
C. Sexual sensations
D. Thermal sensations including both warmth and cold sensation
E. Tickle and itch sensations

1200. Area for naming objects lies in the :

A. Broca’s area
B. Limbic association area
C. Parieto -occipital association area *
D. Prefrontal association area
E. Supplemental and premotor area