All these Physiology MCQs are specially framed to strengthen the conceptual understanding of different biology topics. Human Physiology MCQ with answers covers multiple concepts such as human digestion, nervous system, human reproduction, body fluids and circulation, breathing and exchange of gases, renal System, respiratory System, Git and Liver, endocrinology, locomotor and moment in human Sense Organs, Reflex Actions, Spinal Nerve, Physiology of Urine Formation, insulin physiology – and much more. All these topics are chosen from trusted and best reference books on physiology. These physiology MCQs with answers are also helpful for the preparation of various interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and certifications for all Experienced, Freshers and Students. Also, check MCQs on Pharmacology here.

281. Valve of Hasner is present at________________?

A. Stensons duct
B. common bile duct
C. Naso lacrimal duct
D. maxillary Sinus

282. Regarding Golgi tendon organ true is ______________?

A. Senses dynamic length of muscle
B. Involved in reciprocal innervation
C. a- motor neuron stimulation
D. Sense muscle tension

283. _________ is an example for rapidly acting neurotransmitter?

A. Somatostatin
B. Calcitonin
C. Substance P
D. Glycine

284. primary cause of bleeding disorder in liver damage is due to______________?

A. Decreased level of prothrombin
B. Lack of vitamin K
C. Platelet deficiency
D. Lack of vitamin B

285. Open faced nucleus in a cell signifies______________?

A. That the cell is resting
B. that the cell is active
C. nothing
D. that the cell is in transition phase

286. When a person lies down_______________?

  1. There is immediate increase in venous return
    B. Heart rate becomes stable at slightly more than normal
    C. Cerebral blood flow increase & becomes stable at more than normal
    D. Blood flow to the Apex of lung decrease

287. the acrosome reaction occurs, when the sperm_____________?

A. Enters the uterine cavity
B. Comes in contact with zone pellucida
C. Penetrates corona radiate
D. Penetrates cell membrane of oocyte

288. Decreased basal metabolic rate is seen in_______________?

A. Obesity
B. Hyperthyroidism
C. Feeding
D. Exercise

289. False about blood brain barrier is_______________?

A. There are gaps between tight junctions at the active sites
B. There are no gaps between active sites
C. Less activity in the membrane
D. Fibronectin provides a barrier for diffusion

290. The processing of short-term memory to long term memory is done in_______________?

A. Prefrontal cortex
B. Hippocampus
C. Neocortex
D. Amygdala


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