401. To preserve blood for transfusion later______________?

A. Dilute with equal volume of 0.9% saline
B. Add solution of sodium citrate
C. Add solution of calcium chloride
D. Add fibrinogen

402. Megaloblasts are precursors of_____________?

A. Megakaryocytes
B. Norm oblasts
C. Myelocytes
D. Macrocytes

403. Which of the following is one for a patient on coumarin (warfarin) therapy_______________?

A. Partial thromboplastin time ( PTT)
B. Prothrombin time (PT)
C. Bleeding time (BT)
D. Capillary fragility test (CFT)

404. Which of the following coagulation factors is deficient in classical hemophilia ?

C. X

405. Which of the following is not true about axonotmesis ?

A. Impairment of both sensory and motor function
B. Wallerian degeneration
C. Intact neural sheath is not present
D. Reversible loss, which will be regenerated i 6-8 wks

406. Delay in blood coagulation results from________________?

A. Human thrombin
B. Heparin
C. Ferric chloride
D. Vit- K

407. Hemoglobin is the major buffer in blood, bicarbonate ions diffuse out of erythrocyte into plasma in exchange of_______________?

A. Potassium
B. Phosphate
C. Carbonic acid
D. Chloride ion

408. The function of vitamin K is______________?

A. Thrombin formation
B. Prothrombin formation
C. Fibrin formation
D. Thromboplastin formation

409. The most common problem with blood trans fusion_______________?

A. Hemolytic reaction
B. Remission of disease
C. Hypokalemia
D. Metabolic acidosis

410. Histamine is present on surface of_______________?

A. Lymphocytes
B. Mast cells
C. Neutrophils
D. Erythrocytes


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