1001. MTP is considered safe up to how many weeks of pregnancy?
A. 8
B. 12
C. 18
D. 6

1002. Which of the following test is used to detect AIDS?
A. Western blot and ELISA
B. Northern blot and ELISA
C. ELISA and Southern blot
D. ELISA and Immunoblot

1003. Which of the following terms describes the body’s ability to maintain its normal state?
A. Anabolism
B. Catabolism
C. Tolerance
D. Homeostasis
E. Metabolism

1004. Which of the following best describes the human body’s defense mechanism against environmental bacteria?
A. Hair in the nose
B. Mucous membranes
C. Osteoblasts
D. Saliva
E. Tears

1005. Which cells in the blood do not have a nucleus?
A. Lymphocyte
B. Monocyte
C. Erythrocyte
D. Basophil
E. Neutrophil

1006. Which of the following is flexible connective tissue that is attached to bones at the joints?
A. Adipose
B. Cartilage
C. Epithelial
D. Muscle
E. Nerve

1007. Which of the following allows air to pass into the lungs?
A. Aorta
B. Esophagus
C. Heart
D. Pancreas
E. Trachea

1008. Which of the following is the body cavity that contains the pituitary gland?
A. Abdominal
B. Cranial
C. Pleural
D. Spinal
E. Thoracic

1009. Which of the following closes and seals off the lower airway during swallowing?
A. Alveoli
B. Epiglottis
C. Larynx
D. Uvula
E. Vocal cords

1010. Which of the following is located beneath the diaphragm in the left upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity?
A. Appendix
B. Duodenum
C. Gallbladder
D. Pancreas
E. Spleen

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