1091. Function of nuclear bag fibers is __________________.

A. Detect change in transmission
B. Detect dynamic lenght change *
C. Contract extra fusal fibre
D. Detect static response

1092. Muscle can withstand complete arterial occlusion for ___________.

A. 1 hour *
B. 4-6 hours
C. 8 hours
D. 1/2 hour

1093. Antiperistalsis is normally seen in ________________.

A. ILeum
B. Jejunum
C. Proximal Colon
D. Distal Colon *

1094. Estrogens act on__________________.

A. Cell Membrane
B. Cytoplasmic receptors
C. Nucleus *

1095. Pulmonary artery wedge pressure corresponds to pressure in ______________.

A. LA *

1096. “J” receptor stimulation causes________________.

A. Apea *
B. Tachypnea
C. Tachycardia
D. brady cardia

1097. in brown sequard syndrome there is ipsilateral loss of _____________-.

A. Pain
B. Proprioception *
C. Touch
D. Tempreture

1098. Camp is second messenger of _______________.

B. FSH *
C. Thyroxine
D. Insulin

1099. Major Neuro transmitter substantia nigra is _________________.

A. Acetyl choline
B. Noradrenaline
C. Gaba
D. Dopamine *

1100. Renin recretion is not dependent upon ______________.

A. Renal ischaemia
B. Narrowing of afferent arteriole.
C. Decreased NA+ in PCT. *
D. Decreased NA+ in Dct

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