1081. Spontaneous release of acetylcholine at neuro muscular junction produces__________.

A. Miniature endplate potential *
B. Action Potential
C. Resting membrane potential
D. Post tetanic potentiation.

1082. Potassium content in colonic secretion is _______________.

A. 10 mEq/L
B. 15 mEq/L
C. 30 mEq/L *
D. 50 mEq/L

1083. Hyperventilation can be caused by all except ____________.

A. Decreased CSF PH
B. Decreased plasma HCO3
C. CO Poisoning
D. Increased adrengergic drive *

1084. Sertoli cells of testis secrete_______________.

A. Estrogen
B. Androgen
D. Inhibin

1085. Cerebellar connection to other parts of brain is via ___________.

A. Golgi Cells
B. Basket Cells
C. Purkinje Cells *
D. Neuroglia

1086. Sympathetic stimulation causes vasodilatation in_______________.

A. Brain
B. Heart
C. Skin
D. Splanchnic bed *

1087. Potassium is__________________.

A. Entirely absorbed in PCT *
B. Absorpition is dependent upon aldosterone
C. Competes with NA+ absorption
D. Mainly absorbed in DCT

1088. Bilateral destruction of aditory cortex leads to ______________.

A. Almost total deafness
B. Hearing defect for higher frequency
C. Deficiency in sound interpretation *
D. any of the above .

1089. Cyanosis not corrected by 100% oxygen implies________________.

B. Bronchial asthma
D. Left to right shunt *

1090. All the following penetrate cell membrance except_____________.

A. Estrogen
B. Androstenodione
C. Thyroxine
D. Epinephrine *