461. Satiety center in hypothalamus is regulated by ________________?

A. Gastric dilatation
B. Blood glucose levels
C. Blood insulin levels
D. All of the above

462. Swallowing center is situated in_______________?

A. MIdbrain
B. Pons
C. Medulla
D. Cerebellum

463. Wallenberg degeneration is seen in______________?

A. Proximal cut end of nerve with cell body
B. Distal cut end of nerve without cell body
C. Both the free ends of the cut nerve
D. All are true

464. First change to occur in the distal segment of cut________________?

A. Myelin degeneration
B. Axonal degeneration
C. Mitosis of schwann cell
D. Sprouting

465. Neurotransmitter in nigrostrial pathway is_______________?

A. Dopamine
C. Acetyl choline
D. Nor epinephrine

466. The term ‘myopia’ refers to ______________?

A. Near sightedness
B. Far sightedness
C. Constriction of the pupil
D. Dilation of the pupil

467. Aphasia is most likely associated with a lesion in_______________?

A. Broca’s area
B. Sensory area
C. Primary motor area
D. Visual area

468. Abdominal visceral pain is transmitted by ________________?

A. fibers
B. fibers
C. Parasympathetic fibers
D. Sympathetic fibers

469. The Sensory receptors serving the stretch reflex are classified as___________?

A. Proprioceptors
B. Nociceptors
C. Exteroceptors
D. Chemo receptors

470. Unmyelinated fibres differ from myelinated fibers in that they ______________?

A. Have increased excitability
B. Have to nodes of Ranvier
C. Have no power of regeneration
D. Have no association of Schwann cells

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