351. The anticoagulant of choice used in the blood bank is_______________?

A. Calcium oxalate
B. Heparin solution
C. Acid citrate dextrose solution
D. Sodium fluoride

352. Normal myeloid / erythroid ratio is______________?

A. 1:1000
B. 1:5000
C. 1:100
D. 1:50

353. Clotting factor common to extrinsic and intrinsic pathway is_____________?

A. Factor II
B. Factor III
C. Factor V
D. Factor VII

354. Hemostasis depends upon all the following, EXCEPT_______________?

A. Calcium
B. Prothrombin
C. Vitamin B
D. Vitamin K

355. Activation of which one of the following coagulation factors is not essential for hemostasis________________?

D. X

356. The half-life of plasma Albumin is approximately___________________?

A. 7 days
B. 20 days
C. 60 days
D. 90 days

357. Hemoglobin has______________?

A. Four polypeptide chains, 2α, 1β,1Υ chain
B. Four heme molecules and four polypeptide chains
C. Four heme molecules, 2α and 2β chains
D. One heme and one globin molecule

358. Life cycle of RBC is_______________?

A. 12 days
B. 90 days
C. 120 days
D. One month

359. IN acute infection which of the following is found_______________?

A. Leucopenia
B. Leukocytosis
C. Neutrophilia
D. Neutropenia

360. T- lymphocytes function to______________?

A. Antibody production
B. Complement activation
C. Lymphokine production and delayed hypersensitivity
D. Immediate hypersensitivity


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