1071. Gene coding for androgen receptors is present on ______________.

A. Short arm of X
B. long arm of X *
C. short arm of Y
D. long arm of Y

1072. Antibodies against sperm develop after_____.

A. Infection
B. Trauma
C. Vasectomy *
D. Orchidectomy

1073. Delta cells of pancrease secrete

A. Glucagon
C. Somatostatin *
D. Gastrin

1074. CSF-Plasma glucose ratio is____________

A. 0.2-0.3
B. 0.6-0.8 *
C. 1-1.2
D. 1.5

1075. Flocular lobe has direct connection with____________

A. Red Nucleus
B. Inferior olivary nucleus
C. Vestibular Necleus *
D. Dentate Nucleus

1076. Total lung capacity depends upon ________

A. Closing volume
B. Lung Compliance *
C. Residual Volume

1077. Corpus luteum is maintained by ______________

A. Estrogen
B. Progesteron
D. LH *

1078. Glucose symport is with________________.

A. NA+ *
C. CA++
D. K+

1079. Anion gap is mostly due to _______________.

A. Protein *
B. Sulphate
C. Phosphate
D. Nitrates

1080. Mean arterial blood pressure is _________

A. Systolic + 1/2 diastolic
B. Systolic + 1/3 diastolic *
C. (Systolic + diastolic)/2
D. (Systolic + diastolic)/3

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