621. Which of the following regarding insulin receptor is FALSE?
A. It is a steroid receptor
B. It is a tetramer with 2a & 213 glycoprotein subunits linked by disulfide bonds
C. It is similar in structure to IGFI receptors
D. It is endocytosed upon insulin binding & degraded
E. Its number increases in starvation

622. Insulin receptors increase in number with:
A. Obesity
B. Acromegaly
C. Exogenous corticosteroids
D. Adrenal insufficiency
E. All of the above

623. In diabetes mellitus, there is:
A. -.v glucose entry into peripheral tissues
B. l’ hepatic gluconeogenesis
C. -.v amino acid uptake into the cell
D. l’ lipolysis
E. All of the above

624. Which of the following regarding diabetes mellitus is INCORRECT?
A. Glucose uptake by neurones& red cells is normal
B. Glucose resorption from urine is reduced
C. Glycogenolysis is stimulated
D. Hepatic glucose output is facilitated by glucagon & cortisol                                                                                     E. All of the above

625. Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus does NOT:
A. l’ serum osmolality
B. 1’urine sodium & potassium loss
C. negative nitrogen balance
D. -.v circulating lipids
E. l’ circulating lactate

626. Autonomic symptoms in hypoglycemia occurs at blood sugar level of:
A. 6mmol/L
B. 5mmollL
C. 4mmol/L
D. 3 mmol/L
E. 2mmol/L

627. The following symptom of hypoglycemia occurs at the following blood sugar level:
A. Confusion -4 mmollL
B. Coma-1.7 mmol/L
C. Convulsion – 3 mmollL
D. Permanent brain damage – 2 mmol/L
E. All of the above

628. Basal secretion of Insulin occurs at:
A. 1unitlhour
B. 2unitlhour
C. 3 unit/hour
D. 4unitlhour
E. 5unitlhour

629. Average amount of insulin secreted per day is:
A. 10 units/day
B. 20 units/day
C. 30 units/day
D. 40 units/day
E. 50 units/day

630. Insulin release reduces with:
A. Vagal stimulation
B. 13 adrenergic stimulation
C. Hypokalaemia
D. Glucagon
E. None of the above

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