421. Hyper kinetic syndromes such as chorea and athetosis are usually associated with pathological changes in_______________?

A. Motor areas of cerebral cortex
B. Anterior hypothalamus
C. Pathways for recurrent collateral inhibition in the spinal cord
D. Basal ganglia complex

422. In cerebellar disease, all the statements are correct except______________?

A. The romberg’s sign is positive
B. There is adiodokokinesia
C. There is pendular knee jerk
D. There is involuntary termor

423. Which sensation is not lost on the side of lesion in brown sequard syndrome ?

A. Touch
B. Vibration sense
C. Muscle sense
D. Temperature

424. First change to occur after nerve cut is_______________?

A. Schwan cell mitosis
B. Axonal sprouting
C. Myelin sheath degeneration
D. Nuclear disintegration

425. which receptor is responsible for monitoring the rate of muscle stretch ?

A. Nuclear bag intrafusal fibers
B. Nuclear chain
C. Golgi tendon organ
D. Pacinium corpuscles

426. Body temperature is maintained by ______________?

A. Postural position
B. Covering of the body
C. Peripheral vasoconstriction
D. all of the above

427. Red colour blindness is called________________?

A. Deuteranopia
B. Protanopia
C. Protanomaly
D. Deuteranomaly

428. Pain producing substance is________________?

A. Serotonin
B. Substance P
C. Histamine
D. Acetyl choline

429. Phagocytosis in the CNS is done by _______________?

A. Astrocytes
B. Schwann cells
C. Microglia
D. Oligocytes

430. Function of GABA on CNS is_______________?

A. Neuronal inhibition
B. Neuronal activation
C. Glial cell inhibition
D. Glial cell activation


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