931. Glomerular filtration rate may be decreased by:
A. Angiotensin II
B. Renal oedema
C. Vasopressin
D. Hypotension
E. All of the above

932. Which of the following will be most effectively filtered at the glomeruli:
A. Neutral substance with diameter 10nm
B. Neutral substance with diameter 4nm
C. Cationic substance with diameter 4nm
D. Anionic substance with diameter 4nm
E. Cationic substance with diameter 7nm

933. Which of the following substance are secreted by renal tubules:
A. Sodium
B. Potassium
C. Chloride
D. Bicarbonate
E. Urea

934. Sodium reabsorption is coupled with the following substance in proximal convoluted tubule:
A. Hydrogen ion
B. Amino acid
C. Glucose
D. Lactate
E. All of the above

935. Glucose is reabsorped from proximal convoluted tubule using:
A. Passive dif fusion
B. Endocytosis
C. Facilitated diffusion
D. Secondary active transport
E. Primary active transport

936. Most ofthe filtered water is reabsorped in:
A. Proximal convoluted tubule
B. Descending loop of Henle
C. Ascending loop of Henle
D. Distal convoluted tubule
E. Collecting duct

937. Which of the following statement is FALSE:
A. Thick ascending limb ofloop of Henle has NalKiCI active transport.
B. Thin descending limb of loop of Henle is highly permeable to water.
C. Osmolality is greatest at the tip of loop of Henle.
D. Water diffuse out of blood vessel from the ascending limb of vasa recta into its descending limb.
E. Thin ascending limb ofloop of Henle is impermeable to water.

938. The following parts of the nephron is permeable to urea:
A. Descending limb ofloop of Henle
B. Ascending limb ofloop of Henle
C. Distal convoluted tubule
D. Collecting ducts
E. All ofthe above

939. Movement of urea in collecting duct is facilitated by:
A. Noradrenaline
B. Dopamine
C. Vasopressin
D. Angiotensin II
E. All of the above

940. Maximal urine output that can be produced by water diuresis is:
A. 125mllmin
B. 16 ml/min
C. 160 ml/min
D. 1.6Llday
E. 16Llday

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