471. Tremors are seen in disorder of_________________?

A. Basal ganglia
B. Pain pathway
C. Pyramidal tract
D. Parathyroid gland

472. Which of the following is not true for myelinated nerve fibers______________?

A. Impulse through myelinated fibers is slower than non- myelinated fibers
B. Membrane currents are generated at nodes of Ranvier
C. Saltatory conduction of impulses is seen
D. Local anesthesia is effective only when the nerve is not covered by myelin sheath

473. Lesions within the basal ganglia produce the following signs except_______________?

A. Hypotonia
B. Tremor
C. Hemiballismus
D. Athetosis

474. Sensations of pain from teeth and temperature are carried by_______________?

A. Corticospinal tract
B. Corticobulbar tract
C. Lateral spinothalamic tract
D. Ventral spinothalamic tract

475. Preganglionic parasympathetic fibers are_______________?

A. Somatic only
B. Parasympathetic
C. Sympathetic
D. Cholinergic

476. Respiratory center is situated in_______________?

A. Medulla oblongata
B. Spinal cord
C. Midbrain
D. Hypothalamus

477. Pain sensation from the lateral extremities is transmitted by________________?

A. Spino thalmamic tract
B. Dorsal column
C. Corticospinal tract
D. Spinocerebellar tract

478. Pain is conducted by________________?

A. A-alpha fibers
B. A-beta fibers
C. A-gamma fibers
D. A-delta fibers

479. Stimulation of baroreceptors results in_______________?

A. Increase in heart rate
B. Decreased vagal discharge
C. Increased sympathetic discharge
D. Decrease in blood pressure

480. 2nd heart sound is characterized by all except______________?

A. Due to closure of semilunar valves
B. Is occasionally split
C. Has longer duration than 1st heart sound
D. Marks the onset of diastole


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