611. Thyroid hormone increases oxygen consumption of:
A. Brain
B. Gonads
C. Heart
D. Anterior pituitary
E. Spleen

612. Which of the following regarding action of thyroid hormone is FALSE?
A. Directly positive inotropic & chronotropic action on the heart.
B. Promotes catabolism
C. Reduces total peripheral resistence
D. Increase sensitivity of adrenaline receptors to catecholamines
E. Reduces cholesterol by increasing LDL receptors in liver

613. Which of the following regarding Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is FALSE?
A. Secretion peaks at midnight & declines during the day
B. T4 is responsible for feedback inhibition of TSH
C. TSH receptors can be stimulated by J3hCG due to its homology to TSH.
D. Dopamine, glucocorticoid & somatostatin inhibit it.
E. Together with IGFI & EGF, TSH has trophic effect on thyroid gland.

614. Effect of TSH on thyroid gland does NOT include:
A. Increased iodide binding
B. Increased thyroid blood flow
C. Increased T3 & T 4 synthesis
D. Increased thyroglobulin synthesis
E. Increased colloid endocytosis

615. Which of the following regarding effect of hypothyroidism is FALSE?
A. Hypothyroid fetus fails to develop in utero.
B. Myxodema is due to accumulation of skin protein & water.
C. Mental disturbance occurs
D. Slow relaxation phase of ankle stretch reflex
E. Husky & slow voice.

616. Which of the following pairing of thyroid disease & its pathology is TRUE?
A. Grave’s disease -increased TSH receptor stimulating antibodies
B. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis -increased antithyroglobulin antibodies
C. Solitary toxic adenoma -adenoma with increases thyroid hormone secretion irrespective of TSH level.
D. TSH secreting pituitary tumor -increased circulating TSH & thyroid hormone
E. All of the above

617. Which of the following regarding iodide is FALSE?
A. Large doses can stimulate thyroid gland to produce T3 & T 4
B. Reduced thyroid gland response to TSH
C. Inhibits proteolysis of thyroglobulin
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

618. Which of the following regarding insulin is FALSE?
A. It is released with equimolar amount of C peptide
B. Its half life is about 5 minutes
C. Receptors are present on insulin sensitive cells such as liver & muscle
D. 80% is degraded in liver & kidney
E. None of the above

619. Insulin causes increased entry of the following substance into cells EXCEPT:
A. Potassium
B. Sodium
C. Glucose
D. Amino acids
E. None of the above

620. Which of the following is NOT an action of insulin?
A. Increased glycerol phosphate synthesis
B. Stimulates lipoprotein lipase
C. Increased ketone uptake into muscle cells
D. Stimulates gluconeogenesis
E. All of the above

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