711. The opioid Ii receptor is involved in
A. Analgesia
B. Respiratory depression
C. Miosis
D. Dependence
E. All of the above

712. In visceral smooth muscle
A. Calcium for contraction is released from sarcoplasmic reticulum
B. Membrane potential has a resting value of -90 m V
C. The excitation contraction coupling time is rapid «10 ms)
D. Muscle contracts when stretched in absence of innervation
E. Binding of acetyl choline to nicotinic receptors increases calcium influx

713. Inhibitory post synaptic potentials involve
A. Localised increase in membrane permeability to Na
B. Localised decrease in membrane permeability to Cl
C. Localised increase in membrane permeability to P04
D. Localised increase in membrane permeability to Cl
E. Localised decrease in membrane permeability to K

714. In skeletal muscle relaxation
A. There is a spread of depolarization along T tubules
B. Calcium is released from Troponin
C. There is increased Na and K conduction in the end plate membranes
D. A resting membrane potential of -65 mV is finally reached
E. Mg has a crucial role

715. Regarding synapses
A. The synaptic cleft is 30-50 mm wide
B. Transmitters are released from synaptic knobs secondary to Na trigger
C. Amount of transmitter released is proportional to Ca efflux
D. Ach is present in granulated vesicles in synaptic knob
E. The EPSP is caused by N a influx

716. Which of the following is an inhibitory neurotransmitter
A. Gallamine
B. Acetyl choline
C. Glutamate
D. Glycine
E. Aspartate

717. Given an Hb of 140 giL, how many mLs of O2 is carried in lL of 100% saturated blood
A. 5mL
B. I00 mL
C. 200 mL
D. 500 mL

718. Substances metabolised by the lung include the following EXCEPT
A. Serotonin
B. Noradrenaline
C. Acetyl choline
D. Glutamic acid
E. Bradykinin

719. Substances synthesised by the lung include all the following EXCEPT
A. Arachidonic acid
B. Histamine
C. Kallikrein
D. Angiotensin I
E. Surfactant

720. Compliance is
A. Increased in pulmonary oedema
B. Increased in collapsed lungs
C. Decreased with age
D. The change in pressure per unit change in lung volume
E. Increased in emphysema

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