1141. Renal threshold for glucose secretion is ___________________.

A. 120 mg%
B. 140 mg%
C. 180 mg% *
D. 200 mg%

1142. Prostaglandins of seminal fluid are secreted from ______________.

A. Prostate
B. Seminal Vesicle *
C. Leydig cell
D. Sertoli Cell

1143. The sympathetic nervous system :

A. Has short post ganglionic fibers
B. Consists of vagus nerve
C. Produces nicotine at its nerve endings
D. Has thoraco-lumbar outflow from the spinal cord *

1144. All of the following are functions of the middle ear except :

A. Impedance matching
B. Protection of damage to cochlea
C. Pitch discrimination *
D. Transmission of sound waves

1145. Lateral inhibition is the characteristic function of which of the following retinal neurons ?

A. Amacrine cells
B. Bipolar cells
C. Ganglionic cells
D. Horizontal cells *

1146. If a patient is unable to hear high frequency sounds, the damage to the basilar membrane js closest to which of the following ?

A. Oval window *
B. Helicotrema
C. Stria Vascularis
D. Modiolus

1147. With regards to muscular control of eye movements :

A. The medial and lateral recti contract to move the eys from side to side
B. The superior and inferior recti contract to move the eyes upward of downward
C. The oblique muscles function mainly to rotate th eyeballs to keep the visual fields in the upright position
D. All of the above *

1148. Which part of the motor neuron has the lowest threshold for a propagated action podetial :

A. Node of Ranvier *
B. The Axon
C. The dendrite
D. The soma

1149. Sound is conducted in the following order :

A. Auditory canal-tympanic membrane-scala vestibule- tscale tympani-stapes
B. Tympanic membrane-auditory canal-scala vestibule-scala tympani-stapes
C. Auditory canal-tympanic membrane-stapes-scala vestibule-scala tympani *
D. None of these

1150. Which of the following action of norepinephrine is stronger as compared to epinephrine ?

A. Binding with B receptors
B. Cardiac stimulation
C. Glycogenolysis
D. Vasoconstriction *