661. Which of the following pairing of hormone & their action is FALSE?
A. Calcitonin -increased Ca excretion
B. Glucocorticoid -reduced Ca absorption from intestine
C. Growth hormone -increased Ca absorption from intestine
D. PTHrP – reduced Ca filtration at the glomeruli
E. All of the above

662. Metabolic action of Growth hormone does NOT include:
A. l’ free circulating amino acids
B. l’ circulating free fatty acids
C. l’ hepatic glucose output
D. anti-insulin effect on muscle
E. l’ pancreas sensitivity to glucose

663. Action of growth hormone does NOT include:
A. Epiphyseal growth
B. Sodium retention
C. Epiphyseal closure
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

664. Which of the following statement is TRUE?
A. Intestinal blood vessel is entirely regulated by enteric nervous system.
B. Nitric oxide is the major neurotransmitter for gastrointestinal smooth muscle relaxation.
C. Peristalsis is a type of spinal response to stretch
D. All of the above
E. None ofthe above

665. Gastrin:
A. is only made in gastric antral G cells
B. is inactivated in liver
C. stimulates insulin secretion after protein meal
D. secretion reduces with gastric distention
E. All of the above

666. CCK does NOT:
A. stimulates gall bladder contraction
B. inhibits gastric emptying
C. stimulate secretion of pancreatic juice rich in enzymes
D. stimulates insulin secretion
E. None of the above

667. Volume of Saliva secreted daily is:
A. SOOml
B. 1000ml
D. 2000ml
E. 2S00ml S.

668. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. Parotid gland provides most of the saliva produced daily.
B. pH of saliva at rest is 7.0
C. Lingual lipase is produced by salivary gland
D. Reflex salivary secretion upon eating is mediated by vagus nerve
E. Peristalsis is a gravity dependent process.

669. Which of the foIlowing pairing is TRUE?
A. Parietal cells – secretes HCl& intrinsic factor
B. Chief cells – secretes pepsinogen
C. Mucous cells – secretes bicarbonate
D. G cells – secretes gastrin
E. All of the above

670. Volume of daily gastric secretion is:
A. 500ml
B. 1000ml
C. 1500ml
D. 2000ml
E. 2500ml

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