931.The following drugs have rapid metabolism –hepatic blood flow limited except

932.Cimetidineis an example of a drug developed by
A.chemical modification
B.random screening
C.rational drug design
E.none of the above

A.increases the half life of digoxin
B.reduces the half lifeof practolol
C.has no effect on half life
D.increases the number of β receptors
E.increases the cardiac sensitivity to catecholamines

934.Genetic polymorphism of drug metabolism occurs for the following except

935.Volume of distribution
A.Is always areal volume
B.Amount of drug in plasma/concentration in body
C.Concentration of drug in plasma/amount of drug in blood
D.Amount of drug in the body/concentration of drug in plasma

936.Which of the following receptor ligand pathways is true
A.Insulin and G receptor protein
B.Mineralocorticoid and tyrosine kinase receptor
C.Vitamin D and intracellular receptor
D.Adrenaline and ligand gated channel receptor
E.PDGF and cytokine receptor

937. Age associated changes in pharmacokineticsinclude
A.A reduction in creatinine clearance in 2/3 of the population
B.A decrease in body fat
C.An increase in body water
D.A greater reduction in conjugation compared to oxidation
E.A decreased absorption related to age alone

938.Regarding biotransformation, which is true
A.ETOH enhances methanol metabolism
B.Grapefruit juice inhibits cyclosporin metabolism
C.Phenytoin inhibits Theophyllinemetabolism
D.Rifampicin inhibits OCP metabolism
E.Griseofulvin inhibits Warfarinmetabolism

939.Bioavailability is
A.less than 100% by any route
B.is the percentage of a drug formulation that is absorbed
C.is not affected by first pass metabolism
D.is close to 80% for oral verapamil
E.is equivalent to absorption minus the extraction rate for an orally administered drug

940.Of the secondary messengers
A.compared to cAMP, cGMP is more versatile and ubiquitous carrier of diverse messages
B.phosphoinositides act independently of PLC
C.upregulation of cAMP degradation is one way Theophyllineproduces its effects
D.cAMP’s effector is adenylyl cyclase
E.all of the above