1041. ACE inhibitors are contraindicated in ____________.

A. Renal failure
B. Solitary kidney
C. Pregnancy
D. All of the above *

1042. Parkinsonism can be induced by all except____________.

A. Chlorpromazine
B. Reserpine
C. Metoclaopramide
D. Diazepam *

1043. Stress increases level of all except______________.

A. Insulin *
B. Adrenaline
C. Cortisol
D. Glucagon

1044. Verapamil increases toxicity of all except____________.

A. Digoxin
B. Benzodiazpepine
C. Phenobarb

1045. Drug Implicated in causation of pancreatitis is __________.

A. L asparginase *
B. Methotrexate
C. Cyclosporin
D. Cyclophosphamide

1046. sweatgland function is mediated by ____________.

A. Sympathetic adrengergic
B. Sympathetic cholinergic *
C. Parasympathetic
D. None of the above

1047. Maximum nicotinic effect is seeen with_________.

A. Pilocarpine
B. Bethanecol
C. Carbachol *
D. Metha choline

1048. all athe following can cause interestitial disease except_________.’

A. Phenytoin *
B. Sulphonamide
C. Busulphan
D. Alpha methyl dopa

1049. Galactorrhoe can be seen with all except______________.

A. Methyl drops
B. Bromocriptine *
C. Pehothiazine
D. Metoclopramide

1050. Not an ototoxic is ____________.

A. Neosporin
B. Amikacin
C. Cisplatin
D. Vincrystin *