791.Regarding aspirin
A.It is a selective inhibitor of COX II
B.It is a base
C.It is slowly absorbed in the ileum
D.It blocks the CNS response to IL-1
E.Its actions on platelet aggregation is reversible

792.Regarding the opioid receptor which is false
A.They are closely linked to the cAMP system
B.Analgesia at a supraspinal level results principally from kappa receptors
C.They are highly concentrated in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord
D.They may be involved in pain modulation
E.Sigma receptors are related to the hallucinogenic effects 

793. regarding NSAIDS
A.at high doses aspirin demonstrates first order kinetics
B.aspirin is a reversible inhibitor of COX
C.aspirin at doses < 2g/d reduces uric acid levels
D.all NSAIDS can be found in synovial fluid after repeated dosing
E.use of ibuprofen and aspirin together increases the anti-inflammatory effect

794.the main mechanism of colchicines is
A.inhibition of PMN
B.inhibition of synoviocyte phagocytosis
C.reduced formation of LTD4
D.inhibition of mononuclear phagocytes
E.decreasing the body pool of urate

A.Act by decreasing cAMP via inhibition of prostacyclin
B.Are not useful in reducing the slow releasing substances of anaphylaxis
C.May cause interstitial nephritis and hpokalaemia
D.Have anti-inflammatory action by inhibiting COX–1
E.Are weak acids and are largely absorbed in the stomach

A.5-10% protein bound
B.a sulphonamide
C.only indicated for acute inflammation
D.not inhibitory to COX-1
E.is primarily metabolized by the kidney

A.has no significant anti-inflammatory effects
B.has no pharmacologically active metabolites even in high doses
C.25% is excreted unchanged
D.half life is 12-14 hours
E.increases uric acid levels significantly

798.regarding aspirin
A.it is a selective inhibitor of COX 2
B.it is a base
C.it is slowly absorbed in the ileum
D.it blocks the CNS response to IL 1
E.its action on platelet aggregation are reversible

799.OD of salicylates lead to all of the following except
B.Marked hyperventilation
C.Increased metabolic rate
D.N & V
E.Metabolic alkalosis

800.Regarding NSAIDS
A.They commonly cause psychosis
B.They may impair the hypotensive effects of ACE inhibitors
C.About 50% of patients develop adverse effects from aspirin
D.Misoprostol is contraindicated with NSAIDs
E.Sulindac is less gastro-irritative than aspirin