A.is an inactive pro drug
B.is useful in SVT
C.has a half life of ~ 12 h
D.may precipitate ARF in renovascular hypertension
E.increases plasma aldosterone levels

692.ACE inhibitors
A.Captopril requires activation in the liver
B.Reduce afterload and increase CO with no change to the heart rate
C.Mostare excreted unchanged
D.May lower K
E.Increase gut motility

A.Has maximal affinity for α1 receptors
B.Is safely used in depression
C.Has low lipid solubility
D.Maintains cardiovascular reflexes
E.Produces reflex tachycardia

694.Adverse effects of ACE inhibitors include all except
A.Low K
D.Drug fever
E.Respiratory symptoms

A.Although usually given IV has powerful action in PO form
B.Incorporates iron in its chemical structure
C.Relaxes cardiac muscle
D.Has few toxic effects and so is safe in OD
E.Has no effect on the thyroid

A.Does not affect delayed after-potentials seen in digoxin toxicity
B.Preferentially blocks depolarized Ca channels
C.Has marked affect on the SA node
D.Toxicity causes AV node block refractory to atropine
E.Is not associated withthe development of peripheral oedema

A.Increase collateral blood flow
B.Demonstrate tolerance
C.Demonstrate physical dependence

A.Causes dose related ototoxicity that is irreversible
B.Reduces Na and H2O delivery to the distal nephron
C.Increasesrenal H secretion in collecting tubule
D.Causes low K metabolic acidosis in OD
E.Has no effect on body Mg stores in chronic use

699.The following are toxic effects of methyldopa except
A.+ Coombs test
C.decreased glucose tolerance

700.regarding captopril, which is incorrect
A.inhibits peptidyl dipeptase
B.bioavailability is 70% if taken with food
C.inhibits kininase II, hence stimulating kallikrein-kinen system
D.less than 50% excreted in the urine
E.metabolized to disulfide conjugates with sulfhydrylgroups