1091. Amyl nitrate is antidote for poisioning with____________.

B. CO2
C. Cyanide *
D. Phosporus

1092. Drug of choice in myoclonic epilepsy is _________________.

A. Phenobarbitone
B. Ethosuuximide
C. Carbamazepine
D. Valproate *

1093. Pseusdomonas is sensitive to ________________.

A. Amoxycillin
B. Carbenicillin *
C. Subactam
D. Flucloxacillin

1094. Common side effect of TCA is_______________.

A. Arrhythmia *
B. Hypertension
C. Mania
D. Diarrhoea.

1095. Gouty patients should not be given___________.

A. Spironolactone
B. Frusemide
C. Chlorthiazide *
D. Acetazolamide

1096. Side effect os amphetamine are ll except______________.

A. Euphoria
B. Increased Appetite *
C. Talkativeness
D. Psychological dependence.

1097. Calcium channel blocker with predomi-nant peripheral action is _____________.

A. Verapamil
B. Nifidepine *
C. Amlodipine
D. Diltizaem

1098. The elimination is does dependent for all except_________________.

A. Salicylate
B. Theophylline *
C. Pehnytoin
D. Digoxin

1099. All are uricosuric except_____________

A. Allopurinol *
B. Probenecid
C. Sulphinpyrazone
D. Aspirin

1100. In a drug with first order kinetic , after 4 half lives , the elimination will be approximately_______.

A. 25% *
B. 33%
C. 75%
D. 94%