1011. All the following drugs are metabolised by acetylation except___________.

B. Hydralzaine
C. Procainamide
D. Dilantin *

1012. Quinolones should not be used with theophyline because _______.

A. Increase theophyllin toxicity *
B. Decrease theophyllin asoprtion
C. Enhance theophyllin Clearence
D. all of the above.

1013. All teh following are prodrugs except________________.

A. Enalapril
B. Levodopa
C. Omeprazole
D. Indomethacin *

1014. Food doesnot affect of ____________.

A. Cimetidine
B. Ranitidine
C. Roxatidine *
D. Famotidine

1015. Zero order kinetic is seen with_______________.

A. Phenytoin *
B. Phenobarb
C. Erythromycin
D. Digoxin

1016. Postural hypotension is very common with_________.

A. Propranolol
B. Prazosin *
C. Clonidine
D. Hydralazine

1017. Which drug increases serum uric acid_________.

B. Rifampicin
C. Ethambutol
D. Pyrazinamide. *

1018. Phenytoin does not cause_______________.

A. Osteomalacia
B. Gynalecomastia *
C. Gumhyperplasia
D. Megalobastic anaemia

1019. Which of the following drugs does not exibit zero order kinetics?

A. Phenytoin
B. Ethanol
C. Salicytales
D. Famotidine *

1020. Oral hypoglycemic likely to cause cholestasis is ________.

A. Tolbutamide
B. Glibenclamide
C. Glipizide
D. Chlorpropamide. *