1051. Acetyl salicylate and phenbarb are better absorbed from stomach because______.

A. weak acids remain nonionic in gastric Ph *
B. Weak acids remain ionic in gastric ph
C. strong acids fully ionised in gastric Ph
D. Weak bases are ionised in gastric Ph.

1052. Excercise induced asthma is best prevented by inhalation of ____________.

A. Isoprenaline
B. Beclomethasone
C. Chromoglycate *
D. Ipratropium

1053. Anti arrhythmic with longest repolarisation phase is _________________.

A. Amiodaarone *
B. Quinidine
C. lignocaine
D. Propraolol

1054. All the following are vasodilators except _______________.

A. Procaine
B. Cyclopropane
C. Cocaine *
D. Estomidate.

1055. Hyperglycemia is caused by all except________-.

A. Thiazide
B. Diazoxide
C. Pentamidine
D. Proppranolol *

1056. Chronic active hepatitis is caused by all except_______________.

B. Methyl Dopa
C. Chlorpromazine *
D. Oxyphenisatin

1057. Spironolocatone and ace inhibitors are not concurrently used because of ____________.

A. Hyperglycemia
B. Hypokalemia
C. Hyperkalemia *
D. Hypoglycemia

1058. Maximum endocrinal side effects are seen with _________

A. Ketoconazole *
B. Fluconazole
C. Myconazole
D. Nystatin.

1059. Metabolism of chloramphenicol is by _________________.

A. Glucuronide conjugation *
B. Acetylation
C. Oxidation
D. Sulfation

1060. Drug most effective against anaerobic streptococci is ________.

A. Erythromycin
B. Vancomycin *
C. Chloromphenicaol
D. Clindamycin.