571. Gentamicin
A.Can be mixed in the same administration set as penicillin
B.Most streptococci are sensitive to gentamicin
C.If organisms are resistant to gentamicin they will also be resistant to tobramycin
D.Purulent exudates do not affect the activity of topical Abs
E.Ototoxicity manifests itself mainly as vestibular dysfunction

572. Intermediate spectrum (2ndgeneration) cephalosporins include all of the following except

573. Features of 3rdgeneration cephalosporins include
A.Good efficacy against gram positives
B.Reliable activity in cases of P aeruginosa meningitis
C.Consistent activity against Haemophilis and Neisseria species
D.Reliably high oral bioavailability
E.Reversible binding to the 50S subunit of the bacterial ribosome

574. A man aged 24 is admitted to hospital with fever, a dry cough and an CXR consistent with an atypical pneumonia, which is the appropriate AB

575. Regarding penicillins, which is false
A.Most cross the BBB only when the meninges is inflamed
B.They don’t require a dose adjustment in renal failure
C.Penicillins inhibit cross linkage of peptidoglycans in cell wall
D.Piperacillin is a penicillin against pseudomonas
E.Only about 5-10% of people with a past history of penicillin allergy have a reaction on re-exposure

A.excreted in bile
B.excreted via the kidneys in the tubules
C.drugs that can undergo hepatic metabolism
D.are classified on the basis of their antibacterial ability
E.all of the above

A.activates dihydrofolic acid reductase
B.is a weak base
C.has limited activity in the prostate
D.does not distribute into the CSF
E.is harmless in pregnancy

578.Regarding antibiotic resistance
A.lactamaseproduction is responsible for penicillin resistancein pneumococci
B.Penicillin’s inability to penetrate the organism is more common with gram negative bacteria
C.Penicillin resistance is mainly because of alteration in the target’s PBPs(Penicillin-Binding Proteins)
D.Methicillin resistance in Staph is due to lactamase production
E.lactamaseare identical but produced by different bacteria

579.Regarding active immunizations
A.the measles vaccine is an inactivated virus
B.the Hep B vaccine is preferably given by subcutaneous injection
C.booster doses for yellow fever are not required
D.primary immunization for HiB involves 2 doses given 1/12 apart
E.the meningococcal vaccine should be given to all asplenic individuals

580.All are cell wall inhibitors except