1111. Tachyphylaxis is a feature of ________________.

A. Astropine
B. Beclomethasone
C. Ephedrine *
D. Dopamine

1112. Paralidoxime acts in organophosphorus poisioning by________________.

A. Inhibiting choline esterage
B. Regenerating choline esterage *
C. Simulating acetyle Choline
D. Acetylcholine receptor blocker

1113. DNA dependent RNA polymerase is inhibited by__________.

A. Rifampicin *
B. Nalidixic acid
C. Ciprofloxacine
D. Cefotaxime

1114. Galactorrhoea is a side effect of _________________.

A. Phenobarbitone
B. Phenytoin
C. Trifluperzaine *
D. Nalidixic acid

1115. Mitosis is inhibited by ________________.

A. Tamoxifen
B. Vincristine *
C. Cycloplosphamide
D. Methotrexate

1116. Drug of choice is stokes adam’s attachk is _________________.

A. Aminophyllin
B. Isoprenaline *
C. Lasix
D. Digoxin

1117. Patients on MAO inhibitor should avoid_____________.

A. Fish
B. Meat
C. cheese *
D. Egg

1118. Vitamin that reverses therapeutic effects of lovodopa_____________.

A. Vitamin A.
B. Thiamine
C. B12
D. B6 *

1119. Mebendazole is effective against all except________.

A. Ascaris
B. Ankylostoma
C. Strongyloides *
D. Trichuris.

1120. Not a feature of opioid withdrawal_________________.

A. Piloerection
B. Yawning
C. Constipation *
D. Rhinorrhoea.