1141. Opium,Morphine and heroin are examples of _______.

A. Opiates *
B. Cocaine
C. Depressant drugs
D. Cannabis

1142. Cilia can not remove air and dust particles from lungs and trachea due to ________.

A. Nicotine
B. Carbon Monoxide
C. Irritants *
D. Tar

1143. Drugs useful against bacteria resistant to penicillin include _______.

A. Cephalosporin
B. Erythromycins
C. Augmentin
D. Both A and B *

1144. If taken in large amount, gastric ulcers may be caused by _______.

A. Cocaine
B. Aspirin *
C. Cephalosporin
D. Tetracycline

1145. Malarial parasites are treated with drug containing ________.

A. Penicillin
B. Paludrine *
C. Aspirin
D. Morphine

1146. Adrenaline production is stimulated due to ________.

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Tar
C. Nicotine
D. Cocaine

1147. All is true for local anesthesis but :

A. That it causes local numbness
B. It causes a loss of sensation in area being injected
C. Contain cocaine
D. Cause gastric ulcers *

1148. To induce sleep , narcotic drugs taken may include :

A. Heroin
B. Morphine
C. Opium
D. All of these *

1149. According to surveys , most your people smoke in order to :

A. Overcome Jealousy
B. Cover for their failures and weakness *
C. Give an impression of adulthood and maturity
D. Give an impression of happinees and success

1150. If drug of an addicted person is with held, person experiences:

A. Insomnia
B. Sleep and stupor
C. Withdrawal symptoms *
D. Death