521. Sialogouges are______________?

A. Increases salivary secretions
B. Decrease salivary secreations
C. Indicator dye for sialography
D. Medication for over function

522. Adrenaline is used in following EXCEPT______________?

A. With xylocaine
B. Post extraction socket
C. Anaphylactin shock
D. Angina in dental chair
E. Both B & D

523. All of the following have receptors which are transcription factors except____________?

A. Insulin
B. Estrogen
C. Vitamin D
D. Glucocorticoid

524. Which one of the following agents/ drugs is of no value in the post operative care of the hemophiliac patient ?

A. Tranexamic acid
B. Clopidogrel
C. Aminocarproic Acid
D. Factor VIII cryoprecipitate

525. Which one of the following does NOT act by increasing insulin secretion______________?

A. Glyburide
B. Repaglinide
C. Tolbutamide
D. Biguanide

526. Which of the following receptors is activated by acetylcholine and blocked by atropine______________?

A. Nicotinic
B. Muscarinic
C. Alpha 1 and 2
D. Beta 1 and 2

527. Neuromuscular blocking agent with duration of onset of action less than 2 minutes is_________________?

A. D-tubocuraine
B. Succinyl choline
C. Pancuronium
D. Gallamine

528. Succinylcholine is a/an______________?

A. Intravenous anaesthetic agent
B. Non-depolarizing muscle relaxant
C. Short-acting narcotic
D. None of the above

529. All are true about metformin except_____________?

A. Inhibits cellular respiration in mitochondria
B. Excreted unchanged in urine
C. Reduce hepatic glucose production
D. Used in decompensated heart failure

530. A patient taking beta-blocker preoperatively, at induction of anaesthesia with fentanyl. Which muscle relaxant should be avoided ?

A. Pancuronium
B. Rocuronium
C. Vecuronium
D. Atracurium