651.Adverse reaction of frusemide includes all except
A.Low K metabolic acidosis
B.High Ca
C.Low Mg

652.The following is true for adrenaline except
A.It acts via G-proteins
B.αreceptor stimulation results in decreased cAMP production
C.it may be administered via inhalation, orally or parenterally
D.it has no active metabolites
E.in cardiac arrest it facilitates CPR via peripheral vasoconstriction

A.Inhibits clotting by decreasing AT III effects
B.Oral bioavailability is 20-30%
C.Is low plasma protein bound
D.Molecular weight ranges from 3000 –60 000
E.Binds to AT III causing a conformational change

A.is hydrolysed to acetone and salicylate
B.exhibits first order kinestics with elimination in low doses
C.is mostly conjugated by the liver and excreted in the bile
D.reversibly blocks the COX enzyme
E.causes an immediate doubling of bleeding time

A.effects Na, K channels but not Ca channels
B.has antianginal effects
C.has a short half life
D.increases peripheral resistance
E.has little effect on the lung

656.GTN has its major effects on angina via
A.Reducing coronary vasospasm
B.Reducing RAAS effect
C.Reducing afterload and preload
D.Coronary vasodilation
E.Systemic vasoconstriction

A.Is 90% bioavailable
B.Inactivates Vit K
C.Can cause venous thrombosis
D.Loading should be initiated with 0.5mg/day
E.Effect is ameliorated by metronidazole via a bactericidal effect

658.Most β blockers
A.Have half lives 3-10 h
B.Have a small volume of distribution
C.Have poor oral bioavailability
D.Are highly lipid soluble and hence cross the BBB
E.Are rarely excreted unchanged

A.has no arrhythmogenic effect
B.decreases myocardial oxygen consumption
C.is a non selective β agonist
D.predominantly affects D2receptors in the CNS
E.may be used in heart failure

660.Which of the following act on the vasomotor centre