1101. Hypoglycemia is a side effect of _________

A. Alcohol *
B. Dizoxide
C. Captopril
D. Phentolamine

1102. Specific alpha2 blocker is _________.

A. Phenoxybenzamine
B. Yohimbin *
C. Cocaine

1103. Superman drug is _____________.

A. Amphetamine *
B. Meprobamate
C. Cocaine

1104.Ketamine should not be used in ____________.

A. Children
B. Raised ICP *
C. Asthma
D. Hypotension

1105. Drug of choice in reactive arthritis is _____________.

A. Aspirin
B. Indomethacin *
C. Prioxicam
D. steroid

1106. Diagnostic agent for myasthenia is ____________.

A. Edrophonium *
B. Neostigmine
C. Ambenonium
D. Pyridostigmine

1107. Penicillamine is useful in all except___________.

A. Wilson’s Disease
B. Heamochromatiosis *
C. Rheumatoid arthritis
D. Mercury Poisoning.

1108. Gluco corticoid action is highest (most potent) in ____________.

A. Betamethasome *
B. Dexomethasone
C. Prednisolone
D. Triamcinolone.

1109. All are complication of thiazides except___________________.

A. Hyper Calcemia
B. Thrombocytopenia
C. Hypoglycemia *
D. Hyperricemia

1110. Does of digoxin should be reduced in all except__________________.

A. Hepatic Dysfunction *
B. Renal Failure
C. Hypothyroidism
D. Old age