1171. All is true for local anethesia but :

A. That it causes local numbness
B. It cause a loss of sensation in area being injected
C. Contains cocaine
D. Cause gastric ulcers *

1172. To induce sleep, narcotic drugs taken may include :

A. Heroin
B. Morphine
C. Opium
D. All of the above *

1173. According to surveys, most young people smoke in order to :

A. Overcome Jealousy
B. Cover for their failures and weakness *
C. Give an impression of adulthood and maturity
D. Give an impression of hapiness and success

1174. If drug of and addicted person is with held, person experiences :

A. Insomnia
B. Sleep an stupor
C. Withdrawl Symptoms *
D. Death

1175. Wheat, Wheat bran and molasses together form the :

A. Penicillin
B. Alcohol
C. Postum *
D. Sebum

1176. Morphine is a type of :

A. Cannabis
B. Amphetamines
C. Narcotic drugs *
D. Depressant drugs

1177. Postum is a replacement of :

A. Nicotine
B. Caffeine *
C. Alcohol
D. Penicillin

1178. Chronic obstructive lung disease occurs due to :

A. Emphysema *
B. Depressant drugs
C. Amphetamines
D. Cocaine

1179. Alkaloids found in opium do not include :

A. Morphine
B. Codeine
C. Cocaine *
D. Opium

1180. Aids stand for :

A. Acquired deficiency syndrome
B. Acquired inherited defective syndrome
C. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome *
D. Acquired immune deflated sensations