491. All are true about nitric oxide, EXCEPT____________?

A. Regulates vasomotor tone
B. Acts via cAMP
C. Present in cigarette smoke
D. It is important in penile erection

492. Cloidogrel is an______________?

A. Anti hypertensive
B. Antidiabetic
C. Antipalatelet
D. Anticoagulant

493. Drugs causing hyperglycemia_______________?

A. B-blocker
B. Glucocorticoids
C. Acetylcholine
D. a-blockers

494. The toxic effect of Beta receptor antagonists includes all the following EXCEPT____________?

A. Hypoglycemic episodes in diabetes
B. Worsening of preexisting asthma
C. Ischemic cardiac episode on abrupt discontinuation
D. Precipitate migrainic effect

495. Which of the following combination of iron can be given both IM and IV____________?

A. Iron dextran
B. Iron Sorbitol Citrate Solution
C. ferrous Sulphate
D. ferrous Humourate

496. D-tubocurarine blocks the neuromuscular transmission by___________?

A. Blocking acetylcholine receptors
B. Prevent release of acetyl choline
C. Destroys acetyl choline
D. Inactivate acetylcholine esterase enzyme

497. Which of the following general anesthetics is given by intravenous route ?

A. Propofol
B. Sevofluorane
C. Naloxane
D. Flumizenil

498. Which of the following drugs undergoes “Hoffmann elimination” ?

A. d-tubecurarine
B. Acetycholine
C. Atracurium
D. Acetazolamide

499. Which one of the following drugs is not a reversible anticholinesterase drug ?

A. Edrophonium
B. Demecarium
C. Carbaryl
D. Tacrine

500. In treating Xerostomia, Which of the following might be prescribed ?

A. Atropine
B. Neostigmine
C. Scopalamine
D. Ephedrine