501. Role of Heparin_____________?

A. Prevents synthesis of prothrombin
B. Prevents synthesis of fibrinogen
C. Prevents conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
D. Prevents prothrombin conversion to thrombin

502. An oral hypoglycemic agent is______________?

A. Warfarin
B. Insultin
C. Glibeneclamide
D. Gluengon

503. All of the following are true about tolbutamide except____________?

A. It is taken orally
B. It is used in type-I diabetes mellitus
C. It causes alcohol intolerance
D. It acts on pancreas to stimulate release of insulin

504. Morphine withdrawal is characterized by all EXCEPT_____________?

A. Miosis
B. Yawning
C. Lacrimation
D. Diarrhoea

505. Which of the following statements is not correct regarding warfarin_____________?

A. Transient hypercoagulability is seen
B. Better avoided during pregnancy as it may causes skeletal deformity of the foetus
C. In a racemic mixture the R form is four times more active than the S form
D. The anticoagulant effect is seen only after 72 hours of administration

506. The anticoagulant action of Warfarin is potentiated by all except_____________?

A. Phenylbutazone
B. Vitamin K
C. Rifampicin
D. B & C

507. Atropine is used in______________?

A. Organophosphate poisoning
B. Chronic glaucoma
C. Syncope
D. Trigeminal neuralgia

508. Which one of the following can be blocked by atropine ?

A. Decreased blood pleasure caused by hexamethonium
B. Increased blood pressure caused by nicotine
C. Tachycardia caused by exercise
D. Tachycardia caused by infusion of acetylcholine

509. Which of the following drugs is used therapeutically during allergic conditions ?

A. Epinephrine
B. Succinylcholine
C. Tetracycline
D. Sulfonamides

510. The drug which activates plasma antithrombin -III for its anticogulant action is____________?

A. Dicumarol
B. Idphenadione
C. Heparin
D. Phenindone